A (crappy) Treatise for Round Robin GM’ing.

The idea is relatively simple: have a game once a week, where players can try different classes and power combinations, and Gm’s can get some practice for encounter building, as well as experiment with different methods and ideas.

The following are a bunch of rules/guidelines/suggestions thrown together to help streamline everything. They are not set in stone, only tossed up to give the idea some structure. Everything is negotiable.

The game would take place once a week. The most likely free day would be saturday, but if another day works, so be it. Gm switches every week. Gm list is assigned at least two weeks in advance (giving everyone a minimum of two weeks to work on their session). There will be no sympathy for procrastinators. None.

Everyone will use the same gameboard program setup, because spending half of session time trying to get things to work sucks. Making test connections a day or three before session is encouraged.

Sessions should be about 2-3 encounters, skill challenge inclusion optional. Experimentation is encouraged.

Every pc will have three magic items: your level, level +1, level -1. These items can be changed between sessions. Item levels can be lower, but not higher.

Players can completely change their characters between sessions, or can simply swap stats around, as they wish. Think of it as ultimate retraining.

Players might want to consider having updated ‘spare’ characters they can go to, to help with party balance. On the other hand, a five-striker party could be hilarious.

No dealing with experience. Instead, level-ups occur when everyone in the Gm pool decide it’s time to raise it up a notch. If any Gm’s still have something they’d like to try for a lower levelled party, they should be allowed the opportunity.

Story-wise, this whole thing is a Sliders-ripoff: the party goes through various portals at the beginning and end of every session, trying to get back to home/a-new-land/Heaven/Camelot/whatever. This explains how details of the characters (or the characters themselves) change.

The goal is typically along the lines of “we are here: we need to get over there.” Cue 2-3 encounters. Where they go is completely up to that week’s Gm. Anything beyond that, rp-wise, is up to the Gm and players, but should not be necessary to play.


What time do we schedule for?

What kind of program do we use (gametable 2.0 rc7?)?

What lvl should pc’s start off at (2-4)?

Round Robin Sliders